Treat back pain yourself with Flexo-Mag®

The Flexo-Mag® is an innovative training tool for relaxing the deep abdominal muscles (psoas) and has been certified as a medical device. An introduction gives this short video:

Back pain – source psoas

A common cause of back pain and neck pain is a tense psoas muscles. They form a part of the deep abdominal muscles and originate from T12 to L4. The biggest part of the upper abdominal muscles cover the psoas so that the muscle is difficult to reach. Merely along the  pelvic bone you can feel the psoas. The iliacus which is attached to L5 connects with the psoas muscle in the pelvic region so that the iliopsoas is formed. Hence the psoas musculature is the connector between upper and lower body and is hugely important as stabilizer of the body.

Cramps or shortening of the psoas muscles based on different causes lead to false posture of the body with partly dire results.

Back pain – How the pain arise

Cause of cramped or shortened Psoas muscles are in addition to excessive sedentary occupation also a constantly foward-facing posture as often like in professional life or the influence of physical or mental stress which can lead to the stress on the deep abdominal muscles. The psoas muscle is called „Fight-or-Flight-Muscle“ of the human body. The body is therefore naturally oriented in such a way that, in emergency situations, it switches on the so-called “fight-or-flight reaction” in order to protect the body against physical and psychological dangers. This happens in form of tension the muscles, especially named psoas muscles.  If the danger has passed the body relaxes again. The so-called “flight-reflex” is activated. Well, if the body is permanently stressed also the psoas muscles are constantly stressed.

The independent treatment of back pain and neck pain with Flexo-Mag® starts at this point.

Treat back pain

The Flexo-Mag®-concept

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